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Eaton Amendment 3 Board including 8 MCB's

Product Ref: EAS10H80H63DS

Price: £72.00

Product Description

The new range of full metal consumer units provide a suite of products to meet the requirements of BS7671:2008 17th Edition IET wiring regulations amendment 3:2015.

Regulation 421.1.201 has been introduced to contain a fire should one develop within a consumer unit, the fire igniting primarily as a result of poorly installed connections or faulty installed components. It requires that within domestic (household) premises, consumer units and similar switchgear assemblies shall comply with BS EN 61439-3 and must have their enclosure manufactured from non-combustible material. Otherwise, it should be enclosed within a cabinet or enclosure constructed of non-combustible material.

This regulation effectively requires the use of a full metal consumer unit with the complete enclosure, i.e. the base, cover and door made from steel and will ultimately affect all new and rewired installations in homes referred to as ‘domestic (household) premises’ which will include integral /attached garages and outbuildings in close proximity.

Amendment 3 published in January 2015 will become effective on new and rewired installations designed after 30th June 2015, however clause 421.1.201 will have the later implementation date of 1st January 2016, although it does not preclude it being applied before then.

New Full Metal Consumer Unit features
• Full compliance with BS EN 61439-3.
• Full metal enclosure to meet requirements of BS7671 Amendment 3 regulation 421.1.201.
• Sturdy steel enclosure with ample cable entry knockouts to accommodate cable entry from top, bottom or rear face of the enclosure.
• Multiple large apertures in rear face of enclosure to allow flexible cable entry from the rear.
• “Snap - able” busbars enabling easy on-site configuration.
• Dual RCCB units come with three Neutral bars as standard for High Integrity configuration.
• Comprehensive label kit to complete the installation.
• Polyester powder coat paint finish which complies with industry standards for low smoke density, flame propagation and toxic fume emission. RAL 9010 (Pure white).
• Flush mounting and twin rail variants will also be available up to 38 outgoing ways.

Factory Built Assemblies (FBA) features
• Boards can be pre-configured in the factory with outgoing protective devices to customer requirements.
• Factory fitted devices can include command and control devices such as transformers, timers, contactors and relays as well as kWh meters complete with internal wiring as required.